Who Am I? [Conclusion]


These past few weeks have been quite the eye-opener.  There’s been a lot of stuff we’ve looked at about us and about God.  So just for a second let’s see if I can bring it all together and try and compact into one short and succinct post what we’ve been discussing: doctrines and theologies that occupy the pages of hundreds of volumes and account for innumerable hours’ worth of sermons.

Here we go…

In the beginning God made man very special.  So special in fact that God made man in His image.  We’re made in the image of God!  Male, female, Jew, Gentile, rich, or poor: we’re all made in the image of God!  In our understanding, in our moral choice, in our expression of creativity, in our ability to love, in our longing for fellowship: it all screams “HEY!!  I’M MADE BY GOD!”  That’s super great!  That’s the perfect way that we were created, the way we were in the beginning, until…

…Well until we decided that we’d had enough of God being God and we thought we could do better: pride and idolatry at its finest.  So we sinned against a perfect and holy God.  We rebelled against Him.  And because of that rebellion, a rebellion that continues in each of our very essences, our relationship with God is broken.  Our sin runs deep and sin is our natural bent.  We cannot escape our depravity no matter how hard we try, how fast we run, or how great we think we are.  It can look like there’s no hope for humanity…

…But God, in his infinite mercy spared us from the wrath we deserved.  And on top of that He bathes us in grace, giving us more than we deserve.  It’s because of Christ’s death and sacrifice that we have our position in Christ.  He chose you, not because you were something, but because you were nothing and because of His ineffable love for you.  And after accepting the offer God gives of eternal life your position in Christ is one of a son, a coheir with Christ, an ambassador of God, and a dedicated slave of the Master.

So who are you compared to God?  Well I hope that after these few weeks you’ve come to see that you are in all practicality a walking testament of the Gospel.  In ancient days, the Israelites would commemorate great things that God did with stones of remembrance or Ebenezers.  That’s you and me.  We are Ebenezers; our lives should shout with the glory of God.  We should reflect that we are made in God’s image in our lives every day.  We should reflect God’s holiness and sanctification in our lives every day.  We should reflect God’s infinite, ineffable love, mercy, and grace in our lives every day.  Who are you?  You are a walking miracle and testament of God.  And that’s pretty special.

Truth in Grace,

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