What Is Reckless Abandon Ministries?

Reckless Abandon Ministries

Reckless Abandon Ministries has gone through many transitions throughout the years that it has existed. Founded under the name: “The Heart of Teens” the organization was designed by young people for young people. A place to go to find Biblical advice on relevant issues in the lives of our writers as well as our readers. Reckless Abandon continued that mission statement on a much larger platform. Today, we continue to strive towards that goal. The goal of seeing a community of young people united under the authority of Scripture. The mission is to see the local church strengthened by the gifts cultivated and developed within this ministry.

Alongside the Church

Reckless Abandon Ministries is what we would refer to as a “Para-Church” organization. We recognize that God has established the Church as His means of ministering to this broken world. This term that we use means that we have committed to coming alongside that organization. Specifically, we have made it our mission to equip the young believers on our production team and our reader’s platform with truth. We believe that the Word of God is relevant to our lives today and should be applied. Our content is an encouragement to do just that. This comes full circle as those encouraged individuals are then able to more effectively do ministry in their local church.

Relevant Issues

There is a massive attack being put up against the relevance of the Bible on our lives today. We see the world calling into question new things seemingly every day. Truths such as the accuracy of the Genesis account and the structure of marriage are completely blurred in our communities, and sometimes even our churches. We seek to speak into such issues and more with content that is derived directly from the Word of God. We believe that God inspired the authorship of the Bible to be understandable in its doctrine, and applicable to our lives. We intend to boldly take a stand on the topics the world has deemed sensitive, and encourage our readers to find the balance between loving the sinner without giving way to sin.

The Church of Today

The young adults and teenagers attending our churches are not “The Church of Tomorrow.” This mindset encourages them to watch the grown-ups do ministry and maybe help when asked. The fifteen-year-old in our churches has just as much an opportunity to serve the great commission as does the pastor. To tell them that their turn is coming next, deprives them of the opportunity to prepare for that day, and the ministry they can have in their communities today. We believe in calling our team and readers to recognize the gospel call for what it is. The gospel is an unavoidable lifestyle, not something on a distant bucket-list. We stand as young adults, to equip the young people who constitute the church of today.

Our Prayer

The core foundation of Reckless Abandon Ministries has always been discipleship, and we pray that that will always ring true. God has brought many members onto our team and many more readers to our content, but this is no remarkable feat of our own. We hold firmly to the belief that this ministry is to be a tool in the hand of our Redeemer to be used as He deems fit. We pray that He would continue to equip and encourage through the opportunities He has given us. We pray that He would continue to strengthen His Church through the use of our ministry. And most of all, we pray that anyone who interacts with our ministry will see more of God as a result.

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