Meet Generosity: Moving Beyond Social Cliques

Who do you spend your time with? Think, if you will, about that one person, that group, the squad, the gang. Whatever you may call yourselves, think about that group: those people during school breaks you always seem to find, those people you hang out with without fail. How much fun is it being with them? It is amazing, right I, personally, am an extrovert. There are few people walking this earth that are more extroverted than me. I love being around almost anyone, and I do realize this is not true for everyone. However, I do know that even introverts enjoy the company of those who they feel most comfortable with. My best friend is one of these people, and we have the greatest of times when we hang out. But, did you know that there are people out there who do not enjoy the company of close friends? There are those who find themselves lonely and out of place. Why?

Well, the reason is simple. Nobody even tries to chill with them. You all know who I’m talking about. That kid who nobody claims. I assure you, all of you, that while you may feel like that kid, none of you actually are. There is always somebody who thinks of you as an impressive person, and what they need is often the very same thing you do: a real friend. There are many different kinds of groups of people. There are loners, who often think themselves a waste of time; the fakers, those who look like they fit in but really are just good actors; and, finally, the group everyone wants to be in, those with real friends. The final group has the greatest responsibility. It is their task to reach out to those in the former groups. And I know that this idea may seem daunting or maybe just boring, but, I assure you, people are the most complex and amazing beings ever.

Some may not act like the best of people, but, most of the time, it is because they are hurting. Someone got close to them and stabbed them in the back, and now they won’t let anyone else in a position to do that again. What we need to do is to show them how much a real friend can mean to them. They will lash out at us, but it’s our responsibility to let them. Jesus loved us so much that He died on the cross for that love. He let us lash out, and whip him. He let us drive the long rusty nails through His nerves! He let us attack Him, because He knew that when we realized what we had done, when we saw His blood staining our hands, we would repent. We must do the same in our own lives. When we let the broken people attack us without putting up a fight, they will realize just how different we are. When someone gossips about you, and you eat lunch them, it will hurt them more than what you might have said about them. What it comes down to is this: people are broken. And the only thing that heals broken people, is the only God, Who was broken. Jesus let Himself be broken for us because he genuinely loved us. John 15:13 states that “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Now, please recognize that if you are in one of the less fortunate groups, it is not entirely the task of those with friends to bring you into things. You have to try, too. You need to reach out to people and begin your own friendships. Show love when people have never shown you the same courtesy. If you are broken, the best way to fix yourself isn’t by lashing out at people and hurting them, too. It is by helping to fix someone else. If someone has messed you up at some point in life, do not retaliate. Show them what it looks like to love. Let them attack you, as many times as they need to. Once that person realizes that you are not like the rest, you will have found a friend who will stick by you and turn that same ferocity that once pained you into a loyalty that will have your back for good.

And finally, before I close this article leaving you filled with hope that everyone will react this way, understand that some people will not, and that is okay. You need to love them like Jesus loved you because that is a weapon much stronger than hate. That is generosity beyond measure. That is the choice of friendship, true friendship.

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