The Question

Church. Sometimes I feel like it’s one of the most hated words of our era. Teens moaning on a Sunday morning, “But mom, I don’t want to go to church. It’s too early!”. Or non-believers scoffing at the mention of the word and asking why we’d bother. For some, church is purely traditional. For others, it’s just a pain.

In a world, as broken as ours, the question of why we bother must have crossed our minds at least once. Why do we keep going to church? Why do our parents keep making us get up early on a Sunday to sit in a service with the same old routines? Why do we go to church if everyone complains about it? Why would we still go Sunday after Sunday if most of us only go to keep up appearances? Why bother with any of it?

If these aren’t questions that you’ve asked before, then I think you’re lucky. It means that your church experience may have been a good one, that the people in your congregation are most likely committed to Christ, heart, and soul. If like me, you have asked questions like these before, we’re going to answer them.

Why is church important? Read this month’s posts and you’ll find out.

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