The Mountain Before Us

Rest is something that everyone craves. We desire comfort, ease, and contentment. But perfect rest is something that we cannot experience or achieve on our own. In fact, it’s our own sin, and therefore our brokenness, that is the most daunting barrier between ourselves and the rest we seek.

Our sin is the ever-present mountain before us. Something that we cannot overcome on our own. It is what we, every morning, find ourselves facing. Sin. Darkness. Pain. Brokenness. Call it what you will – it remains the one thing that separates us from God.

If you were to wake up one morning with several cold symptoms, would you just ignore them and hope for the best? Hope that you heal quickly, so that you can move on with your life at a normal pace? Or would you take medicine, or go see your doctor? You would do the latter, wouldn’t you? Because you would have recognized what ails you, and you would have a desire to seek rest and healing.

This is how we should be treating sin. Not by ignoring it or burying it within ourselves. Not by carrying on with it, as if it isn’t affecting our lives. No, we should seek rescue from it. We should seek rest and healing, just as if it’s a physical ailment. Because like a physical ailment, sin is just as debilitating.

Sin is the anger that burns inside of you, and the jealousy that rises out of you. It is the lust that lingers in your eyes, and the hate that pours out of your mouth. It is not just murder or theft, or anything else that is big and bold and out there. Yes, sin is the billboard that lights up for everyone to see. But it’s also the rip-off advertisement that you choose to take from the bathroom stall door. It is not always so obvious to everyone. It is too often a well-kept secret. Something that you wrestle with in the dead of night, that no one else is aware of. And it’s dug itself deep into the roots of who you are, and it has settled itself deep into your heart. It is the one prison you can’t get out of, not on your own.

But Jesus.

When Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross, solely on our behalf, He provided us with a way out of that prison. He chose to redeem us. He chose to rescue us from something that we will never be worthy of being rescued from: sin. Despite how broken and messed up we are, He still chose to save us.

This is grace. This is love. This is what happens, or can happen, when you put your life in the hands of God. The God that is faithful, and just, and merciful, and loving…and good, always.

When you choose to recognize your sin for what it is, instead of ignoring it or pushing it aside, you open yourself up to the grace of God. The kind of grace that leads to rest – perfect rest. A rest that can only be found in Christ. That can only be found at the feet of Jesus.

Your sin doesn’t have to be your prison. It doesn’t have to be your well-kept secret. Your sin doesn’t have to be the victor. Because Christ has already won. And if He reigns in your heart and in your life, then so have you. But you need to let go of the idea that you can’t find rest in this broken world; that as long as you are a messed up human being, you can’t rest. Because that idea is a lie.

Christ has triumphed. You belong to the God who has triumphed over the lies of this world. He has triumphed over your sin; over your brokenness; over your darkness. Rest in that triumph.

Rest in the God that has redeemed you. Rest in the God that sacrificed His own Son for you.

While you remain on this earth, sin will still be that mountain that looms over you. But God is the sun that shines over that mountain, that pierces the darkness, and provides you with a way to overcome the sin that is trying to reign in your heart.

Make way, sin. Because that throne belongs to our triumphant Savior. And when He sits on that throne, suddenly the darkness doesn’t matter. Suddenly the pain and the suffering and the broken pieces of who you are, no longer matter. Because as long as Christ is sitting on the throne of your heart, you can find rest. Despite the sin you think you’re drowning in, you can find the shore…you can find rest.

Not every day is going to be easy. This is not some stroll in the park. But a long time ago, I put my faith in this very God that I speak of now, and He has remained faithful. There have been days when I have felt like I could just collapse from exhaustion. When I have felt that the weight of my brokenness could be my undoing. And it wasn’t until I faced my weary load; it wasn’t until I faced the reality of my brokenness, that I realized it’s the very thing that God had been using the most to draw me closer to Him.

Rest in that God – the God that loves you despite your messiness, that saved you despite your sin, and that uses you despite your brokenness.

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