Servanthood is Worship

Serving God as a grateful response to the gospel is the calling of every Christian. – Nate Palmer in Servanthood as Worship


Serve the LORD with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing- Psalm 100:2


Our calling is to interact with both God and his creation aware of his glory, empowered by His glory, and in magnification of His glory. As a response to His glory, we seek to reflect that glory back to him. We worship God through serving God. – Nate Palmer in Servanthood as Worship

Let’s start this article by looking at a teenage guy and a teenage girl who are dating (or courting, whichever is your preference). They are walking together and are preparing to enter Kohl’s. As they approach the entrance to the store, the young man speeds up his walk, grabs the door and holds it for the girl. However, he doesn’t stop here; once the girl is in the section between both sets of doors, the guy quickly lunges to get the second door. Then, once the girl has walked through both doors, the dating couple walks happily around Kohl’s. This is a rather silly illustration, but I have used it to show what will end up being my main point in this article: When we love someone, we naturally seek out ways to serve them and make them happy.

Mother’s Day recently passed, and perhaps you bought your mom some flowers or chocolate or maybe it was just your dad who did this. Did you do this just because you happened to find some free flowers and your mom was the only person that you could think of to give them to? I hope not. For me, I bought my mom a present because I love her SO much and wanted to show her that. When I love someone, I naturally seek out ways to serve them and make them happy. So how does this relate to our topic of servanthood being worship? Let’s rephrase our main point for a moment, inserting a name instead of a pronoun. When we love God, we naturally seek out ways to serve God and make God happy. This is a definition of both worship and servanthood. To make things easier, check out this equation and try to remember it for at least the remainder of this month or even the remainder of this day. Servanthood = Worship. A lot of times, we will separate these two things in our mind, thinking that worship is just when we sing songs on Sunday morning or when we pray. These things are certainly forms of worship; however, worship goes beyond these things. Worship is actually showing God that you love him. One author put it this way: “Our serving is a manifestation, an outworking, an evidence of our faith in Christ.” By serving God, we show others (and we show God) just how much we love Him. Servanthood is taking worship to the next level, where we take what we say and believe about God and apply it to our actions. Servanthood means that we let our actions speak louder than words. There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about how much you love God, in fact, I encourage it. However, if your actions don’t line up with your words, you appear to be just like any other teenager who is rambling on about some “noble cause”. To the rest of the world, our actions speak much louder than words.

Now here is where this topic gets tricky. If a man serves his wife or if a brother serves his sister or so on, are they worshipping that person? Not necessarily. You see, the way that we serve God is by serving others. That’s a very important thing to remember as you go about your daily tasks. A lot of times I hear good, solid Christians talking about all of the amazing things that they want to do for God such as enter the Christian music business, become a pastor, become a missionary, etc. However, they don’t always realize that serving God isn’t just about witnessing to tribal nations. Servanthood starts when you begin serving the people that God has placed around you. Don’t know where to begin? Start with your family. Then go from there. So, to recap…

1. When we love God, we naturally seek out ways to serve God and make Him happy

2. Servanthood = Worship

3. Servanthood starts when you begin serving the people that God has placed around you

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