Renew: Noble Before My God

Nobility… what an archaic term! Nobody, it would seem, strives for nobility in this modern world of ours! But, why do we allow that to be the case? We seem to have let Satan push this virtue from our societies without a fight. This is something we should all; young, old, and whatever else you may consider yourself, should be thoroughly ashamed of. Is this quality truly lost to us? Certainly, it is far from our society, but is it beyond our reach? Well I think that revelation lies in our hands. We can keep nobility alive. This characteristic, which one is so hard-pressed to find in the world, can be used to draw those who do not know our Lord to the saving grace they so desperately need. I look at this verse that my team and I are focusing on this month and I admire how God planned this to have, perhaps, not more significance, but certainly a different significance to our generation as compared to those present when this scripture was written. The verse, Philippians 4:8 states, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.” Look how our society, while, maybe, not practising them, does apply a fair amount of value to most of these things. Most? Yes, that is right. Most. How often do you hear a worldly person talking about how noble their favourite celebrity is? I, personally, have never heard anything of the like. Yet, God, in his infinite knowledge, left this on the list. It makes me realize just how much value is really placed on nobility. It truly is just as important as the other things on this list. Otherwise, God would not have included it in scripture. He knew exactly the significance it would have now, and He allowed it to be written just the way it is. But what is nobility? What is this virtue we should be practising? In my opinion nobility means going above and beyond the normal code of conduct. It is being what the other person is not capable of being. It is being the better person all the time. This is difficult to do! When someone plays you, the last thing you want to do is forgive them, and, even if you do that, you will always keep them at arms’ length. But, what if we were noble? Not naïve, but at least noble? We could be pretty impressive people. Others would see that we have something special, and once they see that, it makes it that much easier for them to see God through you. This is our responsibility. We are told to think on such things because that is the only way to exemplify such a characteristic without actually trying to. So how would we actually carry this out? Well the answer is simple. When you see someone about to cut in line, offer them a space to stand. When someone is buying stuff from you, be honest about its worth. Imagine the surprise you would have if somebody is about to buy something from you and they tell you it’s worth more than you are selling it for! Nobody would do that, because nobody is noble. We need to take on that mantle and be what people do not expect us to be. We need to be… noble! People often talk about the idea that if somebody saw what you did in private, would you be ashamed? Well that question does have undeniable merit, but I think what we should be asking is if people saw how we are in private, would we be proud? So, let me ask you. Are you noble? Do you consider yourself to be a noble person? I do not think that of myself, that much I can tell you now. I know of very few people who are. People like Joseph, serving his master and denying the advances of a powerful woman. People like Zachaeus, returning all of his stolen money and vowing to remain an honest man thereafter. People like Barnabas, who trusted Paul even when everyone else saw only the murderous Saul. These are the people we should aspire to be like. Frugal men and women of the faith. Honourable, wise, people who love their God. Noble. We need to be noble. Few have ever qualified for this title, but there is honour in trying. I may never be called a noble man, but I will always fight for that title, nonetheless. I will fight to be noble before my God.

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