Relationships: Conclusion

Relationships. As Christian said, we all have them but don’t necessarily know what to do with them.  This month The Heart of Teens team have tried to give you a small drop in the bucket on how to have godly relationships. Let’s review:

In Four Essentials for Dating Relationships, Scott gave some advice for how to date someone in a godly manner. Considering that the specific word “dating” isn’t mentioned in the Bible this can be a bit confusing. Scott reminded us that we need to base our relationship on God, that guys need to lead and girls to follow, that there needs to be love and respect, and that we need to think of them before ourselves. Check out his article here.

In My Relationship With God, Travis discussed the most important relationship we could ever have. We were reminded that the relationship goes both ways, both should be benefitting from it. The article focused on the fact that God loves us and that nothing could ever separate us from that love. Just remember that it is a two-way street and that you need to put an effort into loving God and spending time with Him too. Read Travis’ article here.

In Bloody Bonds, Annesti spoke about family relationships. The people who have always been there and whom you expect to always be there. God put us in our families, no matter what shape or form, for a reason. We need to love, honour, and respect them. We may not always like what comes out of the relationship but we can be the instigator in improving that relationship. Read her article here.

Finally, My Relationships With Friends. Our guest author, Elri, did a fantastic job reminding us of the purpose behind friendships. That it is not always about having fun but about building one another up, loving each other, sharing good and bad times together, listening to, praying for and even counseling them when necessary. Through doing these things you can have authentic and godly friendships. Check out what she has to say here.

In reality, we are teenagers just like you. We don’t have all the answers and we are slowly learning to do the above just like you are. Relationships are good, but they are often hard and messy. I know that I mess up on a regular basis and I am pretty sure that I will continue to do so. But my relationships are strong as a result because I can mess up and ask for forgiveness and my friends give it to me. God has given us a gift in relationships. Let us enjoy that gift through the steps we have learned this month.

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