Putting On the Armor of God (Wrapping It Up)

As I am sure you have all noticed, we have been covering the topic of the armour of God through the course of this month. These posts have explained the different aspects of the spiritual armour that was laid out by Paul in Ephesians 6. They were examined individually and their purposes made clear. Now you should have a better knowledge of each piece of armour.

Individually the breastplate, belt, shoes, helmet and shield are powerful. They are tools God has given to us in order to fight in this battle. But together they are a force to be reckoned with.

You can’t use just the belt of truth whenever you need to defend against Satan’s lies, or use only your shield to deflect blows from spiritual attacks. Yes these parts of the armour are specifically adapted to fulfil their purpose, but they need to be used together with all the other parts of the armour.

A warrior does not go into battle with just his shield, or just his sword or just his breastplate. These will serve him well, but without the rest of his armour, he will be vulnerable. A smart warrior will go into battle with his full suit of armour. In the same way, our spiritual armour should be used together for maximum results. The warrior knows that a battle is coming. He prepares for it by gathering his equipment. Once all of the pieces are there, he starts to put on the well-polished armour.

He knows that the breastplate of righteousness will keep him safe, and at the same time change his heart, making him better.

As he buckles the belt of truth, binding his armour together, he knows that THE TRUTH will strengthen him. It gives him confidence.

His shoes of peace fit just right, the perfect shoes for this battle. They will serve him well by keeping him surefooted and giving him the peace that transcends all understanding during the battle.

The shield of faith feels just right held steadily in front of him. It is the ultimate shield. A warrior with a weak shield is vulnerable, but he trusts in the strength of his. He knows how to use it to defend himself.

The helmet of salvation will protect his head, and therefore his mind. Keeping it clear and focused on God, the one whose strength is the only reason he can stand in this battle.

Lastly he picks the mighty sword of the spirit, a fierce weapon. A weapon he has practised with daily. A weapon that he knows like the back of his hand. Its power shall fend off the enemy.

The warrior can now step out into the battle field.

This warrior is not a medieval knight on his way to fight valiantly for his king. He could be you, she could be me, or the person standing in front of you in a queue at the grocery store. The battle field is not some muddy field besides a castle. It can be your school grounds, your house, or your favourite restaurant, even your church. The battle field is everywhere, because we are fighting a spiritual battle.

We should be wearing this armour 7 days a week, 365 days a year. EVERY day. Satan does not attack only on week days or only during holidays. He can and will attack anywhere, anytime, with anything. He will not attack using only one tactic at a time. He is a skilled opponent and can use any combination of attacks.

We shouldn’t be scrambling to put on our armour when the enemy is already trying to break down the doors. Yes our armour will serve us and we will be able to drive them off, but at the cost of the enemy gaining ground and destroying some of our castle. Instead we should be ready, always on our guard, always wearing our armour; so that we can counter an attack as soon as it happens.

I want to encourage you guys to go back and read the articles that have been posted this month. Even if you have already read them. Read them again, but this time don’t look at them as individual pieces that are useful only for a specific attack. See them as puzzle pieces that need each other to be complete.

So go forth my____________________ (insert title here) (e.g. minions, padawans, apprentices, tributes, members of the fellowship) and put on the armour of God. Put it on daily. Practise with it so that you may become fierce warriors.

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