Obeying out of love

I was a teenager once, just like you…

I’ve been in those situations where you want to disobey your parents for some shallow and immature reasons; however, if I had the chance to bring back the time, I would have followed them all the days of my life, wholeheartedly.

Unlike other teenagers, I was already away from my parents at the age of 12. When I passed the entrance exam in one of the most prestigious schools in our region, my parents decided to send me to that school, even though it meant being away from them at a very young age.

It was hard. It’s hard when you’re forced to be independent. I learned how to do things on my own. I didn’t have my parents around helping me out in the morning while preparing for school. I didn’t have them when I found that my classes were a bit hard and I wanted someone to guide me on how to get through them.

Although I grew up having to be responsible, I still long for that day when I will not be away from them.

It makes me upset every time I see people disobeying their parents in public. I don’t like it when it’s easy for some to shout at their parents or act like they are not there. You may sometimes feel like they do not understand you, and that your friends love you more, but believe me–no one among your friends will ever love you more than how much your parents love you.

I had a very memorable argument with my Dad when I was 18. He was against a certain guy that had been planning to date me and he thought that I liked him too. He was right. I did like that guy, but that did not stop him from scolding me and telling me not to entertain him. I walked out and locked myself inside my room. I cried while thinking that he doesn’t understand me at all.

Despite the pain I felt at that time, I still ended up choosing what my parents wanted, and that is one of the decisions that I do not regret.

You might say that it is our human nature to find it hard to obey. Adam and Eve showed us the very first act of disobedience, mentioned in the Bible. It showed us even more how many times humankind disobeyed Him.

So how do we really train ourselves in obeying Him?

In a world where it is so easy to neglect the people we love–especially our parents–Christians should become a model in showing the world that obeying our parents is never a burden.

Obedience to parents has even more to show us.

If we obey without love, we are only fooling ourselves. Without a genuine feeling of love when it comes to obeying someone, we will one day find ourselves exhausted from pleasing everybody and we will end up grumbling about everything that we are going through.

However, if we obey out of love, the difference will be seen and it will be radiant. It will show others how great it is to obey someone, not because we are obligated, but because we love what we do.

Through our parents, God is showing us how to obey. In their existence, we saw at an early age how it feels to have someone in our life who has a higher authority.
If we cannot obey our parents here on earth, it will be harder for us to obey God, who has commanded us to deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him.

For a Christian who treasures what God commands, obedience is also a way of showing our love.

Being a light in this world doesn’t require a certain age. Even the younger generation can show the world how lovely it looks like if our lives are fully surrendered to God. And every time we choose to obey our parents, we show the world how we behave when it comes to obeying someone that is older, or has a higher authority, than us.

If we obey our parents while grumbling, it shows that our hearts are not willing to submit.

Thus, obeying God will be harder for us if we cannot even find joy in obeying our parents here on earth.

One of my closest friends shared with me today that she sometimes cries in the shower every time she misses her mom. Her mom died last year, and I saw how it broke her heart so much. She always tells us that if she could only turn back the time, she would have better shown her Mom how much she loved her. Although she is a good daughter…for her, what she did is never enough. It was so painful for her to lose her mother at an early age.

If it is easy for you to treasure your friends and classmates, I hope that you find more joy in loving your family. It was never an accident that God brought you to them.

There will come a time when your friends will leave you. But your parents will never turn their backs from you, even when you feel that you need them less.

How can you say that you can obey God, yet you cannot even simply say ‘yes’ to a favor that your parents are asking of you?

Your training towards obedience started with them, and the distance you’ve gone when it comes to obeying them will show your character in times that you have to obey God.
Someday God will ask more from you, and your love in obeying Him will be tested. If you haven’t mastered obedience out of love through your parents, then you will have a hard time enduring the tests that God has given you.

I pray that every person who reads this will find joy in loving their parents.
Someday you will leave your home and do things on your own. Never wait for that day to realize that you could have shown your parents more love, obedience, and respect.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” – Ephesians 6:1-4

~Krizzamer Bagasbas~ also known as Krizsummers ~

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    Nakahilak ko ani gurl. Samot ko nga gimingaw nila Mama ug Papa. :'(

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