Noah: Rowing for the Faith

In Genesis 6-9 we learn about a character who has had a huge influence on the world as we know it today. His name is Noah and you have probably heard about him before. He was that guy with the boat who was really into animal rights.

In all seriousness, Noah is someone whose story is very important to our faith. In a time when everyone was acting in a way that was displeasing to the Lord, God looked upon the world and said that mankind was corrupt. Thus, “Their days will be 120 years” (Gen 6:3b, HCSB) meaning that in 120 years God would wipe the world out. Only Noah (and his family) found His favor and so God decided to start again with no one except Noah.

In order to do this, God decided that He would cause a global flood. He commanded Noah to build an ark with very specific instructions as to how it should be constructed. Although we cannot know this for sure, many people hold the belief that it had never rained before this point. If this was the case, then Noah was obeying God and doing something in faith with no true understanding of what was actually going to happen. We do know that flooding had never happened until this point and so either way, he was obedient even when He didn’t understand. Noah spent years building this ark to save his family and the animals. He then spent 190 days inside the ark, with the flood lasting 40 days and then another 150 days before the waters subsided.

Because of this, Noah is listed as one of the great men of faith in Hebrews 11: “By faith Noah, after he was warned about what was not yet seen and motivated by Godly fear, built an ark to deliver his family” (v. 7a, HCSB). Noah’s family then started afresh and the world was begun anew. God promised that He would never flood the whole world again and gave us a rainbow as a sign.

Many creationists spend a lot of time studying Noah and the flood and all the effects that it has had on our world. A global flood can explain things such as rock layers, fossils and other aspects of our world that many claim are evidence of evolution. Believing in the flood and that it is an actual historical event is an important point for Christians who hold the young earth view. Thus, Noah’s flood is an important part of our faith because we are choosing to believe that the Bible is an accurate historical document with records of real people who lived in our world.

Noah is not only an important person to know about because he is a great example of faith to us, but also because his story is a reminder that a biblical worldview can account for the questions of the world.

Live It Out

Are you willing to go against the crowd and believe that what the Bible says is true facts? Will you stand up for the Bible in the face of opposition? There are many books and resources that focus on the stories in Genesis and explain their importance to our faith. I encourage you to spend some time this week reading up on some of resources that explain the importance of believing in the stories in Genesis in relation to the Gospel. and are both great resources for learning about these things.

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