Incoming Wisdom

This month we are stepping back and taking a larger view of life.

The teen/young adult years are incredibly important and influential on the rest of our lives, and so we often target our posts toward teens and young adults (though they are intended to be helpful for all). This month, our posts will still be geared toward teens/young adults, but they will not be written by teens and young adults. Our usual team is handing over the reins for the month of October to a few other writers. These writers come from all over the planet, they have many different writing styles, and they are each unique. What they all have in common is that they have wisdom that we do not have.

Now, I truly believe that God has blessed this ministry with an amazing team of godly, spiritually mature teens and young adults who are incredibly gifted writers. However, it is equally true that in these years of our lives, we do not have all of the answers. You will never have ALL of the answers, but it has come to my attention that those who are beyond these influential years of their lives have much more wisdom than we do.

So, to get outside of ourselves, take a totally different perspective, and glean wisdom from those older than us, we have asked people of ages ranging from late young adulthood to much older to write posts for The Heart of Teens. The crazy thing? They said YES. Because there should be an element of surprise in everything, I will not disclose just who will be guest writing this month, but I can tell you that we have several popular bloggers, writers, and pastors who have graciously accepted our invitation to write for The Heart of Teens this month.

Buckle yourself in and brace yourself for a wild ride, because these posts may be some of the most challenging that you will ever read. But they will also help you, encourage you, and strengthen your walk with the Lord if you will allow them. I look forward to sharing our guest writers’ articles with you in the coming days.

– Christian Hanna, The Heart of Teens

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