Idols of the Heart [Conclusion]

Idolatry. We’ve spent all of March talking about this, and now it’s time to wrap it up and tie it all together. To recap:

Defining Idolatry– Ultimately, Idolatry is a rebellion against God. When we place other gods/idols over him, we’re saying to Him “I like the benefits I’m receiving from my relationship with you, but I don’t find you important enough to give you the highest priority in my life.”

Good Idols– We can glorify God in our schoolwork, we can ask our friends to hold us accountable and point us back to God, even technology can be useful in pursuing God if used correctly. The question is what you are using them for, are they helping you towards God or are they a god in your life. I sincerely hope you can answer that it is the former.

Drag it out and Shoot it– Is it hopeless? Is there no way that we can overcome the beasts that we’ve concealed as it they have developed? I’m not going to be gentle about this because that would make me have to lie. The further along that your dragon has grown, the more painful that it is. Let me be very real with you: disposing of your dragon is going to feel like you are having your heart literally torn from your chest. However, it is the only way that you can be healed.

Modern-Day Idols– Idolatry is everywhere.  But the good news is that if God’s changed you from the inside out Romans 6 says that you’re free from being a slave to sin!  You’ve got the power to overcome your idolatry and with His help, you can!  That’s exciting!

So to recap:

  1. You’re an idolater in multiple ways.
  2. It is easy to be an idolater.
  3. Rely on God for help in overcoming idolatry.

Idols & Relationships– Who consumes the majority of your thoughts? I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t able to answer “Him” (God) with a clear conscience. Hopefully, by this point, you’ve identified the relationships that have become idols in your life. It’s time to drag out and shoot the relationships in our lives that have become more important to us than God. To place them where they belong and to move forward in our relationship with our amazing Creator.

Our authors this month have been hitting it hard with every sentence. Hopefully, you’ve read the articles this month (if not, please do) and have been challenged. In fact, I’d venture to say that you were able to immediately pinpoint the area(s) of your life that need to change. I know that I did. In fact, several times this month I have literally been in pain because the Holy Spirit was convicting me of what needs to change in my life.

I’m going to take this last opportunity that I have in the month of March to ask you a few questions and challenge you in a few more ways. Did you pinpoint the thing that needs to change or die in your life? The idol that needs to be slain? Did you destroy the idol? Honestly, I’d wager that you were answering yes until the last question. How many times have we been at camp, youth retreat, church, or whatever and the Holy Spirit convicts us of what needs to change and then we just don’t change it? I think that the reason that we don’t get rid of our idols is NOT because we don’t know what they are. Can I make a harsh statement?

The reason that we don’t give up our idols is because we love them more than we love God.

Oh. Ouch. Does it sting? I hope so. I hope it burns you to the very core of your being. I hope that it causes you to literally fall to your knees and beg God to help you get rid of your idol. There’s no other way that you can do it. Take it from someone who has experience in this area. You can’t rid yourself of your idol without God’s help.

Jesus says in John 15:5, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”

This is so incredibly true and I’m still being reminded of its truth each day.


Pray. Pray. Pray. It’s the only way to rid yourself of your idol. This has been a challenging month, and I’m truly sad to see it come to an end. I hope that it has been an influence in your life and that, if nothing else, it will prompt you to think. All I ask is that you let the Holy Spirit search you to see if there is anything that you need to be convicted of. Pray.

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