“…but who do you say I am?” – Matthew 16:15, Mark 8:29 (NKJV)

Have you ever found that we ‘label’ people very easily? I don’t know about you but for me, many times, once I have stuck a certain label to someone, it is harder to remove it. Once you have accounted someone with labels such as friend, loyal, trustworthy, faithful – you keep them to that. You expect them to uphold those labels. However, with people, we cannot place these expectations on them and expect of them to uphold it.

Have you ever thought about how you might view your relationship with the Lord in the same way?

Do you consider Him to be faithful? Trustworthy? Loyal? Your Friend? This month we are going to be looking at some of Jesus’ claims about who He is. This would be a good time to evaluate your relationship with Him.

He claims to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Good Shepherd; the True Vine; the Messiah; the Bread of Life; the Light of the World; the Door for His sheep. Are these what come to mind when you think about Him? Can you see how He is these things in your life?

Unlike people, He will not let you down, He is who He says He is, in every circumstance and with every situation. Will you take a step of walking in faith and take Him at His Word?

This has become a big reality in my life at the moment. Two months ago, the Lord decided to take my dad home. My dad, my hero, and the most amazing man I have ever known. For any of you who have ever been through this, you know that it is something that challenges and breaks your faith like nothing else ever has. You just shut down and cannot even see beyond the next hour; but it is also where you are tested to truly take the Lord at His Word. To look beyond the choking reality. To see His faithfulness from times before and to look at His goodness now, even when it does not look or feel like it at the time. I have seen too much of what the Lord has done to walk away now, even after He decided to take my dad away and turn our lives completely upside down. What I’ve come to know is that there is absolutely nothing that this world can offer besides having a relationship with the Lord and knowing He won’t let go. So, take Him at His Word, and stand on it.

God reveals Himself to His people. God showed Himself to Abraham, radically altering the course of his life and eternity. Moses could have heard stories about God from his mother, but he didn’t know God face to face, until God showed up in the burning bush and revealed Himself as “I Am Who I Am.” That changed everything for Moses.

If Jesus is God, like He claims to be, then that changes everything for us. Looking at the other claims will help us look at how Jesus chooses to describe Himself and His relationship to us. But now, here – it is time for you to make it your own. Don’t let people’s ideas of Him be what you believe, don’t let your insecurities or thoughts influence who you believe Him to be. Let the Lord reveal Himself to you, and take the leap of faith, entrust Him with your all. Look for the truths in what He says about Himself. Explore these characteristics with us this month and use them to dig deeper. This is who He says He is. His own words, His own truth – the best truth.

The Lord is gracious to us when we don’t see it; the Lord reveals His care towards us even when we want to reject it. The Lord IS who He says He is and the Lord does what He promises. What He does is right and good and perfect. The Lord is the reason for life. I am more aware of that now than ever before. We want to live to be able to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

This is our goal in life: to serve our King. There isn’t time to waste or other things to fill your mind and heart with – get full of what God has to offer. The goodness He gives, the grace He offers, endlessly. Follow Him fearlessly – there is no better place to be. Finish the race well. It is not just about how you started in your walk with Him, it is how you end it. You started in grace, continue in it. Grow deeper in your knowledge of Him and be on the look out for the ‘burning bushes’ in your life. God is very near to His children – take time to see it.

The question you and me will have to answer this month is: “Who do you say He is?” 

How much of what He says about Himself will you allow yourself to believe? This month, let Him become all He says He is in your life. Let Him be all He promises us He is. Take Him at His word. Trust Him to be that for you and in your walk of faith.

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