“Holy holy holy, is the Lord God Almighty.”

Have you ever stopped to think about what that means? To tell God He is Holy?

So often we sing worship songs at church, perhaps even in the car or at home, and while jamming to the music, the meaning of the song can easily slip by. It’s so easy to sing songs without really understanding the depth of what’s being said…I would know. As a worship leader for my youth group, I struggle with this on a weekly basis. And perhaps I should; “I surrender all” should most definitely not roll off the tongue easily.

If you’re new here, we’re currently in the middle of a series talking about Christian cliches, such as “glorified” and Lamb of God”. It’s been quite eye-opening so far, and has really challenged me to really think about the words I use, whether it be while praying, singing, or even talking with people that might not be familiar with our Christian “lingo”. If you haven’t, I encourage you to check out more of this series.

Back to the point. I’m going to look at two perspectives of the word we’re tackling today, but let’s start by defining it:

“Holy”. What better way to define holy, than to look at the One who most completely is?

Our God. Right at the beginning, do you remember how He created the universe? He spoke. He spoke. Do you realize how incredible that is? The millions upon billions of galaxies containing the greatest, most beautiful supernovas…He created in an instant. We haven’t come close to being able to see, let alone explore, even the smallest part of the known universe. What about the actual universe? Our God is BIG.

Who would have thought a God this incredible, would care about something in a weird part of a mediocre galaxy – where a smallish sun resides, on a planet 333 thousand times smaller than it’s sun – one of 7 billion people. I don’t know about you, but that thought shakes me.

Our God is not bound by space or time, He’s righteous, powerful, incredibly massive, and yet He’s loving, He’s forgiving. He forgave the very, very little – that is you and me – by dying.

How awe-inspiring, how astounding. How different to anything of this world.

In fact, in the original old-testament manuscripts, the word “holy” comes from the Hebrew word “quodesh” which, translated directly, means “to be set apart” or “different” – and here we have our definition. When we say the words “holy, holy, holy”, we are saying to God, “You are incredible beyond my ability to fathom, you are so breathtakingly good, and I truly do not deserve it, but you saved me. You are holy.”

The second perspective I want to bring up is the fact that we’re called to be holy (Leviticus 19:2). If you look back to our Hebrew definition, you’ll see that we’re really being called to be set apart, that is, set apart from this world. Now, I’m not saying we need to be isolating ourselves from unbelievers or people from other religions (the opposite, in fact). I’m saying we need to be the most loving enemy there can be, the most hard-working volunteer, most striving friend. We need to be a witness in this world, because, and let’s face it, the world is broken. It’s not going to give us what we need. We need to have an outlook beyond what this world can offer, to confide in the One who knows and is all. The only one who can satisfy the hunger we, and the world, so desperately need.

And so I encourage you to think deeper, to apply this post to your life. I hope and pray you leave this page as challenged as I was when writing it. Stay keen for the rest of our series!

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