Good Idols

Is it just me or is the words “good” and “idols” put together an oxymoron? You see the thing is, there are no “good idols” in our lives. Idols are a bad idea no matter what. What I mean by “good idols” is this: What happens when something that is generally good becomes an idol in our lives?

Now, this happens more often than you might think. It is easy for us to get caught up with things in our lives that are good and important and as a result, we idolise them.



Now I know, if I were to stand in the street and yell “Who here loves school?” there would not be a sea of hands eagerly telling me that school is the best part of a person’s life. In reality, a lot of us go only because it is required of us. However, a lot of people do like to do well in school. Sometimes we get so caught up in homework and tests and exams and projects and speeches and getting our grades up and so on, that it becomes the most important part of our lives. School can easily become an idol in your life. I know it certainly has in mine before.

Now please don’t take this as me telling you that you are now allowed to stop going to school, that is not my point. However, to whose glory are you working towards in school? Has it become all about you and your grades, or are you properly focused on God and doing your best for Him through the school avenue?



Friends are cool. I love my friends and I want to spend time with them and even please them. Unfortunately, though, it is easy can idolize them without even realising it. Going to a friend when you have a problem is good, but not if you haven’t gone to God first. Spending time with a friend is good, but not if it results in sacrificing time with God. We can also get into trouble when our friends lead us in a different direction to what God wants. The question to ask here is: who is the reason for what I am doing, is it God or is it my friends?



I can tell you this as fact: our team is in favour of technological advancement. Without it, running a blog with authors who live in different countries would not be possible. We would not be able to communicate our ideas and this whole thing would be non-existent. However, there is a point when technology can take over your life. All the new products we are getting, the media that is available and so much more can become the focus of our lives. How much time do we spend using technology (particularly for pleasure) and lose our focus on God? At this point technology becomes an idol.

Putting God back in the front and centre

There are many other things that are good in our lives that we land up idolizing. These things are not always practical to be removed from our lives to refocus on God. However, if they are truly good things we can use them to help refocus ourselves. We can glorify God in our schoolwork, we can ask our friends to hold us accountable and point us back to God, even technology can be useful in pursuing God if used correctly. The question is what you are using them for, are they helping you towards God or are they a god in your life. I sincerely hope you can answer that it is the former. Together, let’s work to that point.

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