God Still Reigned

Morality is something that everyone believes in. We all hold on to morality, whether you are a believing Christian, a member of ISIS, or perhaps the kind of wilderness survivalist we all see on TV, or maybe even a staunch atheist. We all believe in something, and that something affects our view on how one should act.

Some, like us, believe that God has told us how we should act in the Bible. Some people believe in their own kind of god that wrote the Bible as “guidelines” and, really, they can break most of those rules. Some people believe that they themselves are the creators of ideals and morality and will do and say whatever their collective society says they should. But what is the truth of the matter? What should we really believe?

Lucky for us, the Bible actually does share with us who should be in charge and why. And let me tell you, it is most definitely not us. Perhaps, however, the Bible is not enough for you. Look instead to the world and how “satisfied” the great people of this age are. Sure, they may look happy. They may seem like they lead great and exciting lives, but how many of them have turned to drugs to help them fill a void they cannot cross? How many people did we think loved their lives until we woke up one morning to find that they had taken those lives? These are people living in luxury and fortune. Worldly people, who go through trials, fare even worse. So, maybe the extremists are the way to go? They find themselves so empty and broken inside that they are more than ready to fly a plane into buildings because that is what they think their god wants.

People who choose God have found all they need to fill that void. They usually don’t get, or even expect, a reward on earth for their service to God, but that service is a reward in and of itself.

Joseph is a prime example for this. He was a prince in his own home; a favorite of his father, and he was treated accordingly.

Genesis 37:3 says, “Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors.” (KJV)

Joseph followed God and he was living a good life, but this was soon to change. As the youngest of many brothers, all competing for the attention of their father, Joseph had, without a doubt, received his full attention and then some. He was not well-liked by his brothers. The Bible even says that his brothers went as far as to hate him in Genesis 37:4, which says:

“And when us brethren saw that his father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him.” (KJV)

His own brothers ended up leaving him in a pit to die, slowly and painfully, and the only person who fought for him was a brother who opted to sell him to slavers and make some money! This was the first tragedy we are told of, and it would break most anyone who did not know God, but Joseph still trusted God wholly.

He was eventually sold as a slave to an Egyptian lord, who probably only had an opening because his last slave met an untimely end after failing to satisfy. I cannot say that for sure, but let’s be honest…Potiphar seemed a bit unrelenting, did he not? Nevertheless, Joseph pushed himself so hard that this man, who had clawed his way to leadership in the greatest empire in the world at the time, was actually so impressed, he trusted Joseph with his entire household and all his possessions. Joseph realized that all this was for a reason! God was still looking after him.

But soon, Potiphar’s own wife started to want Joseph, and she put him in a very compromising position. More honesty says that Joseph knew he would get into trouble if he resisted this woman. He also knew that he could get away with not resisting. But he knew that God, and even Potiphar, expected more from him, so he ran. He paid the price for that decision in a jail cell for years and years to come.

He interpreted dreams of imprisoned servants of Pharaoh, but they forgot him for years, even after their release.

Eventually, he was remembered, and Pharaoh made him prince of all Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh himself. Joseph was restored from his misery again! Even better, soon his brothers came to grovel before him because they were starving. He finally had an opportunity to repay the debt they gave him, yet God still reigned in his heart.

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