God Speaks (Day Eleven)

When you hear someone talk about “listening to God” or God speaking to them, you very well may be wary of such mystical-seeming language. Me and a good friend of mine were pretty put off by the phrase “prayerful listening”. It just seems weird; we pray to God and we read His Word, but we tend to make the mistake of thinking of God speaking as past tense. Sure, we will readily admit that He is active in the world, but we would also say that God spoke. What is equally true is that God is still speaking.

God has spoken

Through the Law given to Moses, through Prophets, and eventually through His Son Jesus Christ, God has spoken to us. And He has spoken to us through the Bible, which is literally “breathed out by God” (2 Timothy 3:16).

God speaks

Through the circumstances around us and the people around us, God is speaking to us. Moreover, His word has not lost relevance—He is still speaking to us through it. Hebrews describes the Word of God as “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12).

God will continue to speak

God has given us an amazing promise: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). He will not stop speaking to us—the Word of God is living and active and will forever hold encouragement, instruction, and answers for us.

You may have been surprised to find this day thrust in amongst an otherwise inspiring month on prayer. But if we continue in our traditional views of prayer, then we cannot truly call it talking to God. It is more of talking at God, the way that we do it. We tend to think that if our prayer is answered then God is responding to us and if it is not answered then He said “no”. While this is true, I think it runs so much deeper than this.

We hear what God has to say through the people and circumstances around us. This does NOT mean that if Charlie walks by you tomorrow and says, “Hey, you look great!” that God is saying that through Charlie. It does mean, though, that when we seek the advice of spiritually mature Christians that God may use them to speak to us. God uses the people around us to point us toward Himself. In fact, not just people but ALL of life is intended to point us back to the One who created us.

When we pray, we need to also be ready for God to speak to us. He may use circumstances, or people, or His Word, or whatever else. I personally do not believe that He speaks in visions anymore, so I would not suggest waiting around for one of those. I do believe that God answers prayer and that His Word still speaks to us today. We need to be ready to listen. Pray to God, pray that He would help you listen.

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  1. Alyson
    August 13, 2016

    Hi I must say that this has in lightened me to a few things I never thought to consider, but has also allowed me to realise how much I’ve grown in God. I never knew how much I understood until reading this because a lot of what you and the other 3 bloggers say I do agree with.
    One thing though that caught my attention was that you said “I personally do not believe that He speaks in visions anymore, so I would not suggest waiting around for one of those.” Which I found demisting of God because although he speaks to people in many different ways which you touched on . Is that he does still use visions . Testament to this is a friend in Christ, was attending a church the Paster was all for God and a woman in the church had a vision of a snake slithering up to the pull pit and slithering under the stand for the bible ( not sure what it’s called ) and not soon after that the Paster and church fell into deception , and he started preaching on what he felt the Lord was telling him rather then having confermation on what the word said . I thought I would share this with you just so that you can hear my side of what my thoughts are on it . Not to down grade what it is you guys are doing but to help you and myself grow to be able to glorify God. I was reminded today that God was, Is and will always be God . .That being in everything he does from how he speaks to people to howthe protects them and teaches them. He never changes who he is .

    Hope this find you well and if you have any questions I also don’t mind answering them
    God bless

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