God-Designed Motivation

In ten days I’m going to be setting off on a new adventure. This adventure is just the start of a million more to come and, while I’m very excited about it, I’ve lately been prompted to search my heart as I hope to encourage us all to do.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it the chain effect of not working = no money = no ability to live? Is it the desire to see someone, do something, etc.? Is it the call to glorify God with all aspects of your life? Or maybe something entirely different?

Honestly, while I wish I could say it’s my vivacious adoration of God that fuels my springing from the pillow in the morning…that’s often far from the truth. I often seek motivation in things such as other people, things and events and activities, or other similar things. While these can often be God-given aspects of my life that can add to the fire of motivation, I don’t think these should be my big motivators. Too often I find myself doing things specifically because I want particular people to notice and compliment me. I work at a middle school in the mornings, and I love the part of my job where I’m a one-on-one with kids and teachers compliment how well I work with the students. However, part of my job is to clean tables after lunches and I often find myself trying to shy away from others while I’m washing tables because I don’t want them to see me doing such basic work. This sounds silly, but it’s a real temptation – the temptation to please others, when really all that matters is bringing glory to God.

I want this to be a simple message because too often this topic is over complicated and can be very easily frustrating.

Here’s the best way that I can explain it. Glorifying God with your motivation is like setting up a tent (yes, this coming from the guy who has been camping a grand total of one time, but bear with me). If you try to focus so hard on the motivation itself, it’s like trying to set up a tent by its corners first. You might get one set up, but when you try move to the next one, it will all come crumbling down. You can get wrapped up in “oh I can’t do anything that makes me feel good cause then I have wrong motivation” and end up psyching yourself out. But if our eyes are set on Christ, it’s like setting up the tent from the middle. Everything else doesn’t magically fall into place, but it’s the best, most effective way to begin the process. It gets you on the right track to begin pruning the rest and progressing.

That’s it. It’s not insanely complex, it’s a simple matter of daily fixing our eyes on Christ through scripture and prayer and pursuit of His will in our lives.

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