Day 26: What God’s Will is Not

When I was little, I had this picture of God in my head. I thought he was the big judge up in the clouds that was constantly observing me, taking note of every movement and decision I made. This view of mine resulted in a constant fear that I would do the wrong thing. I was scared of falling off the tracks of God’s will by making the “wrong decision” and therefore ruining God’s sacred plan for my life.

I heard statements like this all the time: “God has a perfect plan for you, Faith. His will will be done in your life.” Say what? It all confused me. I didn’t understand what statements like this meant, nor how they ought to affect my decision-making process. As a result, whenever I would make decisions, it would take me forever to contemplate between the options. I want to show you two places where this fear played a big role in my life.

College. In my final two years of high school, it came time to look into different college options and decide where to go. I knew what I wanted to study but I had no idea where God was calling me. I was terrified of choosing the wrong college, because I feared such a decision would remove me from God’s will and therefore ruin the rest of my life. I knew I didn’t want that. I wanted to be right where God wanted me. This misconception of what God’s will is resulted in unnecessary anxiety.

The second place this misconception affected me is my relationship with my current boyfriend. I began talking to him soon after I broke up with my ex, and I had no idea where it was going. He would text me all the time and tell me he cared about me. We talked about scripture, and even prayed together. It seemed to be exactly where God was leading, and yet, once again, I didn’t know if it fit into what God was planning for me. I didn’t know if I was supposed to allow this relationship to move forward or not. The only thing I did know was that I didn’t want to choose wrong and derail God’s perfect plan.

Apply it!

God’s will for you is not something that you can mess up. You cannot destroy all that He has planned for you. Thankfully, that’s just not how it works, and it’s wrong for us to live in fear. Think about the different ways this misconception has resulted in fear in your life, and commit to no longer allowing such to be the case.

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