Day 25: Characteristics of a Transformed Person

This week we have been talking all about transformation. We have discussed so many different aspects of it and today I would like to wrap it all up by discussing what transformation looks like in the life of a saved individual. We will briefly look at four key characteristics we see in a transforming person.

Faith // Trust // Peace

We could spend article after article talking about these three characteristics alone, but I want to focus on illustrating how each one of these character traits connect together in the life of a transforming person.

About a year ago, my dad had some serious health concerns and no one was able to tell us what was going on. Finally, my grandpa and I took him to the emergency room to see if we could get some help there. In the midst of everything, fear struck me hard. I found myself shaking uncontrollably. Thankfully, everything turned out to be okay. My dad is still here, the health issues have subsided, and things are better. At the time, however, my immediate reaction was fear. All I thought about was everything that could go wrong. I even became mad at God.

Our natural response as humans is to fear that which we do not understand. But here’s the thing: transformed people don’t respond to hardship with fear. No, transformed people respond to hardship with faith. They remind themselves that God has never and will never surrender control of their circumstances, and they choose faith over fear. Their faith in the one who holds the future provides them with a “peace that surpasses all understanding”. When hard times comes, transformed people  turn their gazes to God and say, “I trust you. You have a plan and I trust that plan–even when I don’t understand it.” This is so hard to do. But when you are truly transforming, your response to difficult circumstances will reflect these characteristics.


We all have kindness in us, I know that. But just like faith, trust, and peace, the kindness of a transformed person is on whole ‘nother level. Think about it: how many times have people ticked you off? It happens to me a lot. My first reaction is to want to be mad at them. The reaction of a transforming person, however, is not one of anger, but of kindness. Over the years, I have watched so many people approach pastors I respect with malice, and yet the pastors are calm and kind in response. While this patient kindness is rare, it’s something we all need to pursue as we transform into who God wants us to be.

Apply it!

Look at areas of your life where you are lacking the characteristics discussed and begin to practice them more. Consider ways you might show kindness to your siblings, parents, and your friends.

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