Day 23: Learning the Map

This week so far, we’re talking about transforming our lives; surrendering ourselves to Him, not even when we feel like doing it, but daily.

Picking up our cross daily. Do you realize the weight these words hold?

It’s no easy feat to pick up a cross, nevermind drag it up a treacherous hill while being whipped almost to the point of death… in fact, death was the point of all this. There’s a reason Jesus begged “God, take this cup of sin away from me” (nevertheless, Your will, not mine).
There’s a reason He sweat blood the night before the crucifixion. 

This is a big deal: we’re called to be Christ-like. Think about that.

And tell me if I’m wrong, but the above doesn’t look chilled or easy to me at all.

So why are we doing this? What is the intense motive behind this “transformation”?, What is driving us to get up every single day and surrender our own fleshly desires?

…at this point you might be expecting a “wow” answer, an inspirational message to leave with, and a bunch of Bible verses to bring it all together… but let me ask you this:

Do you know the answer?
Do you know the Bible verses?

Really think about it. How many Bible verses can you pull up offhand, that give good reason for surrendering our lives? Because, let’s be honest, the Bible is the one and only True Word. That means it supersedes any preconceived notion, any idea we might have had beforehand. It’s the final, solid and ultimate truth.

I bet you’ve heard the phrase “Jesus is the answer to everything”.
It’s cliche, and if you dig deep enough, yes it is always the answer… But how do we know who Jesus is in the first place?

I’d like to suggest that it isn’t the word “Jesus” that should be in this phrase, but rather, “Bible”.

Now, before you start spamming the comments section, I’m not trying to be blasphemous. Try to see this as a shift in understanding… Have you ever stopped to think that Jesus and the Bible are both The Word of God?

“The Bible is the answer to everything”

Reading of the Bible is so incredibly important for us in our Christian walk. It’s the only way we can know for sure what we’re believing is absolute.* For this reason, it’s imperative that we know our Bible, and read it on a daily basis. I can speak with confidence in saying that the biggest doubts I’ve had in my walk with Christ could have been avoided altogether if I had just read my Bible.

Apply it:

I may have clipped this challenge a bit short because of our word limit, granted, I could talk about this for ages if I was given free reign to.. but honestly and truly, this is my deepest concern:

That you might turn away from your faith, from this incredible gift we have, because you don’t fully understand or don’t have the answer you need.

I urge you to challenge yourself with daily Bible reading. Get an accountability partner to help you stay on track, start a Bible reading plan on YouVersion. Seek answers, seek the truth, and most importantly, know why you’re here.



*Here, I’m not talking about pulling up a single verse out of context… we’ll probably talk more about that next week. But for an extra challenge, look up this verse that was found on a calendar: Luke 4:7 ~ “If you therefore will worship me, all will be yours.” Using the context of the surrounding verses, try figure out why it most definitely should NOT be on a calendar. I bet you’re curious.

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