Day 20: Christ is Our Starting Line

There are many ways I could start this article, but I think the simplest, most “straight-to-the-point” way is to just say this: transformation is not about you.

Growing up, I never really liked sharing my testimony. I didn’t feel like I had much to say, like my story wasn’t all that amazing. Sure, I’d been saved and baptized and went to church every Sunday, like the good kid that I was supposed to be. But that’s it. Not that exciting, right?

Let me tell you a very simple truth: no story that has you at its center, will ever be as amazing or exciting as a story that has Christ at its center.

That was my problem. I was holding on to the lie that my testimony was about me; that my salvation, redemption, and transformation were about me. But if that were the case, there would be no need for the gospel. If my transformation is because of me and the things I’ve done – if it’s all about me and for me – then the gospel is not needed, and Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was pointless.

But His work on the cross is far from pointless. Understand this: the gospel is the foundation of transformation. Without the gospel, without your Savior, transformation isn’t possible.

Transformation starts with Christ. He is the starting line, the reason for the race we run. It is in Him, through Him, and for Him that we are being transformed. The journey starts with who Christ is.

Transformation starts when you abandon yourself and the seat on the throne of your heart, and hand it over to God. It starts when you let Him reign. It starts when you surrender to the God whose attributes remain forever; when you surrender to an ever-faithful, ever-loving, ever-gracious God, that chose you. It starts when you understand that no mess, no sin, no past, and no brokenness could ever get in the way of the grace of God. He will meet you there, right there – in the selfish, angry, doubtful, faithless, sinful flesh of who you are. When you reach the crossroads of your heart and you choose God over everything else, that is where transformation starts.

Will you always choose Him? Will He always reign in your heart? Will you always so willingly abandon yourself for His sake? No, you won’t. You won’t for the same reason Christ died on the cross: because you’re a sinner. Because you’re not perfect, you’re not fully good, and you’re not God.

But that’s why you should surrender to God. Because He is perfect, and He is good, and He is God. He chose to step into the mess of who you are and offer you transformation, redemption, and salvation – not because of who you are, but because of who He is.

Apply It!

Re-evaluate your life. Are you making the story about yourself, or about Christ? If you seek transformation, seek Christ first. Start with who He is.

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