Day 17: The Culture of Christianity

When I was given this article to write about, I’ll admit that it seemed easy at first. Just reading the title, it sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, not exactly. For some of you, like me, this might have been the first thought to pop into your head: Christians should be a picture of Godliness, striving always to appear put together. 


The concept of a ‘Christian culture’ has been so wrongly warped over the past few decades, and I’m not talking about unbelievers: I mean by Bible-believing Christians! We sometimes fall into the trap of believing that our Christianity is defined by our smile, our Instagram Scripture memes and our mountain-top victories. After all, never ever should you bring any sort of spiritual struggle into the conversation unless it’s about someone else.

Can I can be honest with you? It affected me too! And sometimes still does. Especially these last few months, I’ve been wrestling a lot with what a ‘good Christian’ is supposed to look like. I spent too long putting on my ‘good Christian’ act, convincing people that I was the good missionary, the one who was always smiling and never struggled with anything of actual depth: after all, that was (what I thought) the Christian community expected of me.

This mindset could not have been more wrong! Nowhere in the Bible does God say that Christians are supposed to be perfect and never struggle with sin, because the truth is, believers and non-believers alike, we’re all sinners. When ‘climbing the mountain’ to Christ, we all fall short. That’s why Jesus came down from the mountain to walk with us since that is the only way we will ever make it to the top. 

Christian culture was never supposed to be about maintaining the perfect image, holding ourselves on a moral pedestal over everyone else. A Christian should be a picture of genuine love and devotion to God. When someone tries picturing Christian culture, they should automatically think of real people with a burning passion for Jesus Christ and a desire to share it with the people around them: people who never glorify themselves and their goodness, but God and His goodness that surpasses human understanding.

Apply It!

I challenge you to take a step back and look from the outside in. Just think: Is the culture I’ve built for myself really glorifying God, or is it really glorifying me? You might be surprised at the answer you come up with! I guess the challenge I’m really placing before you is to not only take a look at your culture, but if there are changes to be made, make them! Pursue God above all else and with all your heart, because that’s what Christian culture is really about!

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