Day 16: The Sacred/Secular Split

I’ve been mulling over this topic for a while – this idea of a sacred/secular split – trying to decide how best to write about it, and I realized the other day how easy it is to separate my “spiritual life” from everything else in my life. How easy it is to put on my “spiritual mask” at church, and then take it off as soon as Monday hits. How easy it is to separate myself from my Savior, and only live for Him on the days that I want to.

And my goodness, how selfish and horrible is that? How sad to know that this is the mindset of our culture?

God has called us to live solely for Him. God has called us to give Him glory in every area of our lives, whether at church or home. He has called us to spread the gospel wherever we go.

When we compartmentalize our lives, we fail to fulfill what God has commanded of us. We fail to live recklessly for Him. When we separate our lives into tiny boxes – one for God, one for work, one for family, one for sports, one for friends, etc. – we fail to keep our God at the forefront of every part of our lives. When we fly the banner of work higher than the banner of our God, we fail to put Christ’s work on the cross first.

There is a split, a crack in the foundation of our lives. And instead of trying to mend it, we are making it worse, by continuing to do the opposite of what Christ has called us to do.

So how do we fill the void? How do we strengthen the foundation? How do we intertwine our faith within every aspect of our lives?

My church has recently been doing a series called ‘Saturate’ – talking about saturating our lives, our church, and our city. The idea is to saturate every part of yourself with Christ and what He has done for us on the cross.

The truth is that we won’t ever be fully saturated with Christ, not on this earth. We won’t ever be able to completely fill that void, mend that crack, or have an unbreakable foundation. But we can try.

A huge part is finding accountability; someone that you’re really close with, to challenge and encourage them in their faith – pointing them back to Christ; helping them when they fall; being vulnerable with them. This should be a two-way relationship, “iron sharpening iron”.

Another great way to strengthen your relationship with Christ is by leaving yourself reminders around your house, dorm, or workplace. Scripture passages, quotes, etc. Things that keep your focus and your mindset on Christ.

Apply It!

Write out 5 different verses, quotes, or reminders and place them around your living space or work space. Make Christ the foundation of your life; the center of every part of it.

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