Day 13: Why Culture Matters

If you were a soldier in a raging battlefield, bullets flying all about you, people screaming, falling, dying; what would you assume your task would be: To fight or to sit back?

Yeah. Ridiculous, right? What kind of a character would do that?

This week we’re talking about culture, and here’s why it matters: Because it’s real.

This world is a raging battlefield between us and other religions, us and conflict, us and our own fleshly desires… The world is going to throw bullets and obstacles our way; and in this battlefield, we need to be prepared.

We’ve got a bunch of crazy cool articles scheduled for this week with some amazing challenges and applications, but what I wanted to talk about now is perhaps one of the most dangerous hindrances we’ll face as a Christian: Nothing.

Sitting back and doing nothing.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t realize there’s a real war raging… but let me tell you, it is. People are being persecuted all over the globe. Don’t believe me? Check out Fellow believers are being imprisoned, tortured, murdered because of their faith. Just because we don’t actively see people being persecuted in our culture, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in others, and it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in ours. 

I believe one of the biggest tools satan uses in our culture is the fact that nothing is happening. Because we aren’t being persecuted, because we aren’t seeing demon possessed people running in our streets, we can become comfortable.

It doesn’t happen quickly, we don’t wake up one morning thinking “What a beautiful morning! Today I’m going to do nothing.”  but here’s the thing: when we become comfortable, we slide. Have you ever heard of a person who’s comfortably slid into a crazy character worthy of God? And if you are not growing, what really is the alternative? We generally end up merging with the culture around us. 

Take a step back: When last did you share the gospel with someone? When last were you recognized as a Christian because of your faith?

We can read about what we should be doing or who the Bible says we should be, we can read about the wonders and the magnificence of God, but tell me: what is it worth if we’re just another bystander? An observer?

Apply It:

Come up with 5 aspects of your faith that you’re comfortable with and challenge yourself as to whether they are really to the standard they should be.

The challenges in the next few posts are super applicable, but only applicable if we apply them… so be uncomfortable. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, because the one thing we are not called to do in this raging war, is nothing.

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