What is It? 

The Reckless Abandon Challenge is a 30-day challenge designed to inspire today’s young people to push aside their comfort zones and to begin living radically (some might even say recklessly) for Christ. We’re tired of watching ourselves and our peers live lives filled by the mundane and meaningless. We long for a life of purpose, and we believe that humanity’s purpose and reason for existence is realised in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We know we’re not alone, and so we invite you to join us on this 30-day journey of reckless abandonment as we pursue a closer and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

When is It? 

The challenge will begin on the 1st of November and end on the 30th. If you’re only finding out about the challenge after the 1st, however, please don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat. We encourage you to jump in wherever you are, and to grow alongside us.

What’s Involved?

Each and every day in November, we will be releasing an article on our website. We ask you to read these articles each day, and apply the principles laid out in them. In addition to these daily articles, we will be releasing weekly podcasts, as well as several other resources to aid you in your journey. More information regarding each of these resources will be provided on our website November 1st.

How Do I Join?

Interested in joining us in the #recklessabandonchallenge? Fantastic! We’re so excited that you’re decided to join us in our pursuit of Christ. To let us know you’re onboard, please post the following statement to social media:


I have committed to the #recklessabandonchallenge, a 30-day challenge dedicated to equipping young people to live lives that are completely sold out for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’d love to have you join me in this journey of reckless abandonment! For more information, head on over to www.recklessabandonministries.com/challenge/


I have committed to the #recklessabandonchallenge. For more information, head on over to www.recklessabandonministries.com/challenge/