Challenge One: Creating Your Own Bible Reading Plan

We’ve come a long way this week. We have looked at a number of the different aspects of building and maintaining a daily Bible reading plan, and now it’s time to put all the information that we have learned into practice. Now it’s time for you to actually put together a Bible reading plan that you can and will be able to maintain. After all, what’s the point of having all the head knowledge if it doesn’t change your lifestyle and your habits?

I’ve provided the necessary steps that you will need to take in order to construct your Bible reading plan, along with the posts from this week that accompany each step.

Step One: Choosing Your Reading Track

Earlier this week, Christian laid out a number of principles that will help you in choosing your Bible reading track. You can check that post out here: What to Read in Your Bible. You will have to choose your reading track before you can move on to the following steps.

Step Two: Deciding on a Time to Read Your Bible

Choosing the best possible time to do your reading, and being consistent is crucial to both building and maintaining the habit of daily Bible reading. I supplied you with a checklist in my post, When to Read Your Bible,  that will help you evaluate the best time for you to do your reading.

Step Three: Creating a System

The last step in setting up your personal Bible reading plan is evaluating how you’re actually going to execute your Bible reading. Bri provided us with a number of Bible reading tips, which you can find here: How to Read Your Bible.

Highlighting can an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. After I read Bri’s post a couple of days ago, I did a little research of my own to see if I could find any pre-existing highlighting plans to share with you that would help you start off. I found a number of different websites, but I was most impressed with the following post, which you can take a look at here: Church Mag – My Bible Marking Plan.

And there you have it. By working through the above three steps, you’ve built your own Bible reading plan. Let us know what yours looks like in the comments!



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