Building and Maintaining the Habit of Serving (Day Twenty)

Wow – what a week! We’ve covered a LOT in the past few days. Hopefully our articles have shown you what it looks like to be in the habit of serving others daily, but the big question is: how do we actually build and maintain this habit?

Something that plays a HUGE part in this, is motivation – this will either be your downfall or your uprising. You will either lack it, or drown in it. And the outcome is all up to you.

So what is motivation? It’s an incentive, an instigation, a drive. It’s WHY you do things. What is your motivation? Why should you choose to serve others daily?

If you have to, go back to the first article of this week. We talked about the importance of serving – that because we are called to be like Christ and show love to others, just as He showed love to us, we must choose to serve others so that we can show them Who Christ is and what He has done for us.

Did you catch that?? Christ is our motivation. He is why we serve others.

If we can let this fuel our actions, then building and maintaining this habit will be possible. Not easy, but possible. Which leads me to my next point: Don’t. Assume. It’s going to be easy. It’s NOT. And I don’t mean to scare you away, but it’s true. And that’s why the little things are going to matter SO much. Things like setting reminders or plastering notes everywhere; starting simple and not overloading yourself; and finding an accountability partner to keep you in line and remind you why you’re doing this and what your motivation is. That last one especially is SO important.

Having said all this, let’s review our week. We’ve talked about the importance of serving, what it looks like to serve in our local church, realizing our many opportunities to serve, how we can serve our family, serving with humility, and how to serve those in need. And yes, I know…that’s a lot to take in! So here’s a few questions for you:

  • Are you striving to be like Christ? And in doing so, doing your best to serve others? (If not, why not? Is there any way we can help?)
  • Are you letting Christ and the Gospel be your motivation? (If not, what’s holding you back?)
  • Have you found areas in your church where you can serve? (If not, get to it! Churches can always use more volunteers!)
  • Are you able to recognize opportunities? (If so, are you taking them up to serve?)
  • How can you best serve your family today? (Ask yourself this question every day!)
  • Are you having a humble attitude while serving? (If not, find the area of pride that’s getting in the way. This can help you focus more on having the right attitude!)
  • Lastly, how are you serving those in need? Are you putting others needs before your own? (If not, check out Philippians 2:3-4 and think on that.)

Hopefully this past week has been a good learning experience, an encouragement, and/or a challenge for many of you. Now, get ready for next week!

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