Building a Prayer List (Day Ten)

We all admire those prayer warriors who have pages and pages with prayer request and praises written on them and who pray through those lists in the morning and at night. Maybe you have seen the movie War Room and were inspired by that to start a prayer closet and making a prayer list. Are you a little frustrated when you can’t maintain that prayer list? Are you starting to dread prayer time because it takes you a whole hour to pray through the list? Everybody struggles with these things from time to time, and so I am here to share a few tips that have helped me make a prayer list.

Start small — Warriors are not just made overnight.

Prayer warriors are not made overnight either, as sad as that is. I’m quite lazy at times and would like to only have to put in minimal effort and receive maximum results. Unfortunately, no part of life works this way, and prayer is no exception. So, my number one recommendation is to start with a small list that has 5-10 things written on it. Then maybe the next week you can up that number by one or two, or perhaps you would like to stick with one number for a while and then double it or add five to it, or whatever else. It’s up to you.

Get specific — Be specific, be terrific.

I am not saying that God cannot understand what we mean if we pray generally, but praying specifically helps us see and appreciate the results more than we would have if we had just prayed “I pray for Bri and Travis today…”

Praise as well as petition — Count your blessings.

We are often guilty of only talking to God when we have a problem. Or, even if we do pray every day or several times a week, we are always coming to Him with our petitions. He is our father and loves giving us gifts and answering our prayers, but we also need to make sure that our prayer list consists of both prayers AND praises.

This is not a cure-all solution to building a prayer list that lasts…however, it does give some of the tips that I have found very helpful in my life. I have nowhere near perfected the practice of daily prayer; I am merely a broken, forgiven sinner that is trying to seek my Savior in prayer. I encourage you to take out a pen and paper and start a small, specific prayer list that consists of both prayers and praises. Get out there and do it.

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