Book Review: Skylark by Meagan Spooner

“You are going to do great things for this city.”

Lark Ainsley lives in a world dictated by walls. Literally. Her whole life and the lives of everyone she knows are run by a wall, a wall that keeps them alive. For this protection everyone pays a price, all young people like Lark give their magic to power the wall.

Yet there is more to the wall and the people who operate it than meets the eye. When her turn comes to be “harvested” Lark discovers something, something that leads to her banishment beyond the wall. Away from her from her home, out of her depths, with only an insect-like machine named Nix for company, Lark has to survive and make it to the only place where she might be safe, the Iron Woods.

With this book, I was hooked from the first page. The story kept me engaged and I really enjoyed it. But I also learned a few things from it.

Don’t just blindly believe everything the world tells you

Even if the whole world tells you that something is right, it doesn’t mean it is. Lark spent her whole life believing in the stories about what the world is like beyond her safe haven. But once she’s actually outside, the reality that was built for her falls apart. Learn from Lark and don’t be fooled by the lies of the world. As Christians we have an advantage, we have the Truth (God’s Word). I challenge you to examine everything that you are told against this book so that you won’t be deceived.

We can be a light to our friends

We have an impact on the people around us. Lark meets a boy called Oren who saves her life and guides her through the dangers beyond the Wall. At first, it seems like Oren is the one protecting Lark and that she needs him, but soon it is Lark who is protecting him. There is something in Lark, “a light” Oren calls it, that he is drawn to. He feels more sure of himself and who is when he is with Lark. I’m not going to explain any further for fear of spoilers, but the bottom line is we can change the lives of the people around us. We are called to be a light to this world, the same way that Lark was a light to Oren. The love and acceptance that we receive from Christ is a gift that we can share with our friends.

Temptation often starts with small, seemingly insignificant things

In this book, everyone has their own motives for what they are doing. Even if those motives weren’t necessarily bad, they lead many of the characters in the book down a dark road. The lines between right and intentions”.

This reminded me that temptation often starts with small things. Things that seem so insignificant that we don’t think that they could matter, like staying angry at someone because we think we’re entitled to be or skipping a quiet time because we’re too tired. Each of these “little” things drives us a little further away from God until one day we wake up in a very dark and very unfamiliar place.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys dystopian novels or honestly to anyone who enjoys reading. It is filled with adventure, suspense, and magic, the perfect story to get lost in!

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