Book Review: Do Hard Things

Doing Hard Things, Big and Small

“Most people don’t expect you to understand what we’re going to tell you in this book. And even if you understand, they don’t expect you to care.”                 

These are the first two sentences of the book ‘Do Hard Things’ by Alex and Brett Harris, twin brothers who decided to fight against society’s low expectations of teenagers.

In this day and age, teenagers aren’t expected to do big things; in adults’ eyes cleaning your room is an accomplishment but they don’t expect you to go any farther than that. So what can we as teens do to change that?

The authors stress the idea that doing hard things starts with doing small things first. Use the small things as stepping stones to the bigger goal that you have in mind. For some people that may be getting up early or doing the dishes.

For those who have accomplished doing the small things, they could do something bigger, like starting a blog or writing a book. Like Jaquelle Crowe who recently wrote and published a book called ‘This Changes Everything’ at the age of nineteen.

God is the Focus

Along with each of these ideas on how to beat low expectations we are told that none of this will be possible without God. God needs to be the main focus of anything you’re going to do no matter how small or big. If your mind is set on God as you go through a task, asking him for guidance and strength you can do anything.

What I Learned

I learned many things while reading through this book, but the key lesson for me was that I can’t do big things before overcoming the small problems in my life. I also learned that we shouldn’t do hard things for the acknowledgment of others but for the glory of God. These lessons don’t immediately fix all my problems, I am still battling with many small things, but it continually reminds me that nothing is impossible with God by my side.

Why You Should Read This Book

I think that this book is important for all teens to read, Christian and non-Christian alike. As a Christian, it can draw us closer to God as we overcome those small hard things and do more and more by putting our trust and faith in Him. This book is also a good encouragement for non-believers and it clearly displays the Gospel throughout the book.

I believe that every teen needs to read this, it has a very strong message and it can be the key to a better future if every teen who reads this puts its lessons to use; for non-Christians this is a very clear gospel message that is intertwined with the book so that it isn’t too harsh. The authors have also written an appendix that explains the gospel in full for those who are unsaved and tells them what they need to do, such as joining a church, reading a bible and telling a friend.

Read this book, recommend this book, do what this book says. Do Hard Things encompasses a lot of what we at Reckless Abandon promote: living a life that is sold out to God and doing great things for His glory.

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