Book Review: Chop Chop by L.N Cronk

Greg held up his index finger. “This is a nail,” he said. He pushed it into the palm of his other hand and twisted it back and forth. “Christ loved us so much he died for us-“ Laci went on. “That’s how much we’re supposed to love each other.” Pg 112

 Chop Chop is a Christian fiction book written by L.N Cronk on the friendship of three children—David, Laci, and Greg. David and Laci have known each other since pre-school; David recalls tasting Play-Doh with Laci and making fun of her looking like a boy when she starts donating her hair to a cancer organization called Locks of Love. Greg arrives when David and Laci are just about to move into the seventh grade. Even though Greg is the new kid, he invites David and his friends to a youth group his dad is starting. The youth group go on different trips and holidays together and David and Greg become best friends over time. Through Greg’s encouragement, David and Laci start to become better friends.

David is shy and not very outgoing; he doesn’t know what he wants to study in college or even what job he wants. Greg becomes the friend who helps David come out of his shell. He’s the one who ropes David into studying to become an engineer, and David finds himself doing things he’s never thought of. Greg is a humorous and strong friend who is continuously reminding those around him to trust Jesus with everything. Meanwhile, Laci constantly thinks of others and of how she can serve them, even to the point of donating her hair to Locks of Love so that wigs can be made from her hair for children with cancer. As the story unfolds you watch a powerful friendship form between the three as they grow up.

Their lives are going well—until tragedy strikes, when everything changes. David shuts out everyone around him and ignores God. He turns into a completely different person and no one can get to him. After a long time, David starts realizing how wrong he’s been. He starts going to church again and speaking to his friends, even forgiving and sharing the gospel with the person who hurt him.

An Emotional Story

This book has a powerful storyline, based on a strong friendship between believers encouraging each other on in their walk with God. While there is no clear Gospel presentation, you gather the gist of it from the story. The author has woven an emotional story that is relatable and lovable. What readers need to know starting the book though, is that this is not a deep Christian book. While the Bible and Christianity are referenced in this book, the main focus is the friendship between David, Laci and Greg. For example, there is a character in the book that takes the Lords name in vain a few times, but David asks her not to and explains why.

 Reasons to Read the Book

I love this book! I have read it about five times now. It is a quick read but a good one. My favorite part about this book is that every character is relatable to in some way; you laugh with them, cry with them, and learn with them. I love that I can sit down and read this book and it is not filling my head with ungodly thoughts (Philippians 4:8). It is also a great family book that I would recommend to all families to read together. It is also a book that non-believers or new Christians can read easily. All-in-all this book is great for anyone to read no matter where they are in their walk with the Lord.

 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure and lovely, and admirable”  (Philippians 4:8)

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