Our blog team is made up of a variety of people—some that have been with us since the beginning and others who are new to the team. The common thread running throughout all of the members of this team is an immense amount of talent in the field of writing. We have compiled a team of incredible writers who mix humor, theology, practical advice, and beautiful wording into several impressive articles each month. Typically, we choose a topic monthly and then write 6-10 articles about that topic, covering most of the facets of that topic.


CJ Page – Leader

Do you like flying? I love it. My parents are missionaries in South Africa, so I’ve gotten to fly between here and the States quite a bit. My name is CJ Page, and I live in South Africa with my parents. While I’m not a missionary in the strictest sense of the term, I get to study Medicine at a University here. On the weekends, I help out with my church or the stuff my parents do. At Reckless Abandon, I help lead the blog team. I’m so glad you stopped by our website. I hope it will encourage you as much as working with these guys encourages me!


Travis Farr

Hey there! My name is Travis, and I’m one of many writers at Reckless Abandon Ministries. I’m a missionary kid living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m the oldest of six children; the three oldest siblings being biological siblings and the youngest two adopted. I’m extremely passionate about ministry, and I have a strong desire to serve God with everything that is in me.

Brianna Howard

Hey there. My name is Brianna, and I am the daughter of a pastor, currently residing in West Michigan, USA. I am an avid reader, photographer, blogger, and aspiring author. I am so thankful for this opportunity to use my passion for writing in such a unique way, and for the chance to reach other people and share some amazing things with them. I dearly hope this blog gives you a new perspective on the world and its Creator and Savior. All the glory to God!

Kendal Percimoney

Hey! My name is Kendal, and I’m a member of the Blog Team here at RA. I was brought up in a Christian family in South Africa, and I have a passion for sharing His word through music and friendship. I play guitar, piano, program, video edit, design and write; a plethora of talents, and I pray God will use them for his will. I am excited about the future of this organization, and I pray it will continue to be a blessing in other people’s lives.


Annesti Meets

I am Annesti, I am saved by an awesome Savior and am nothing and no one without His grace. I am studying B.ed Intermediate and Senior Phase via UNISA. I want to become a Remedial and Special Needs’ Teacher eventually. But until that comes to pass I am working and studying and just taking every day as God shows me more of my path ahead and pours His mercy out on every new day. I am so often in awe of what He is busy within and through me and through my life and those around me. I would want it no other way. Super excited about this journey He has me on. Despite the loss, heartache, and pain- He is worth it all and I gladly give it up! I reside in the Western Cape in beautiful South Africa with my amazing family where I work and serve in our church through worship and children’s ministry. I love seeing God work in and through people and cherish adventures with people in their walk with the Lord as we both grow as He molds us more into Himself. May my everyday life glorify Him…

Dylan Farr

Hey hey! I’m Dylan, one out of a (pretty big) handful of writers at Reckless Abandon. I’m the second oldest in a family of eight. Being raised in a Christian home has definitely shaped me and my interests into what they are today. I’m super into the drums, piano, and pretty much anything musical I can get my hands on. I absolutely believe the new direction the blog is taking is going to influence more people than ever before, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of it.

Faith Ballard

Hi! I’m Faith Ballard and I live in upstate New York. I am a reader, a writer, I play piano, I sing, I love to be outside, laugh, hang out with family and friends, and most of all, I am a follower of Christ. This life isn’t easy and I hope that I can help those who are struggling. I definitely don’t know it all, but I have a learned quite a bit from my spiritual journey. I strive to always be real, authentic, and honest with those around me and show Christ and His amazing love through me.

Tane Smith

Hi there! I’m Tane, and I’m a writer who loves Jesus- and an empty vessel and shell without Him. He is my all, the One I live for. My home has been South Africa all my life, and presently, I stay in the beautiful Western Cape, where I’ve settled into the church I love and serve at. I have ten wonderful siblings and I live with my family in a large household that is never for a moment quiet or lonely. I’ve loved writing since I was five years old and have had my own blog since eleven, but I also enjoy making and selling art, taking pictures, roaming nature and reading. Learning from God and the intricate plans He has excites me always, and my prayer is that I am used by Him every day in the ways He wants to use me, asking for direction constantly. Any and all glory is His, and I live by grace alone.