Blessed: Meek to Inherit

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”  Matthew 5:5

It is my opinion that pretty much anyone who has looked at this verse and tried to analyse it, have consequently wondered how it can be true. Logically, and historically it doesn’t fit. It seems contradictory. Did Matthew maybe hear Jesus wrong? On this earth, if you want to own (as seen throughout all of history) you are going to need to fight for it, or show some form of power. Land was given to those who fought for it-even in the Bible. The Israelites had to fight and conquer the promised land before they could live in it.

Yet, Jesus says that the meek will be blessed. How can the meek inherit the earth? This statement seems to defy logic and it certainly defied the view the Jews had on what their Messiah would be like. What Son of God, sent here to save the world, would tell us to be meek? That doesn’t fit the bill. Jesus said quite a few things that challenged the norm of the Jews, and those things still challenge a lot of what is normal now. Meekness being considered negative is one of these norms.

What is meekness?

“Humble or submissive; suffering injury etc. tamely. Piously gentle in nature.”

Pious means devout or religious.

All of the above is considered weak or sissy-like. In this world to be shown power, you have to fight for your place in it. If you don’t, you get stepped on. A meek person is often told to grow a “back bone”. Is meekness being weak?

No, the world just perceives it that way. That when you are meek you just allow everyone to walk all over you and take advantage of you without fighting back. That you will never stand up for yourself. This isn’t what meekness is. Yes, it does involve not fighting back in the sense that we shouldn’t rise to the bait and just return aggression to everything. Or that we should judge.

Meekness means that we act in a way that isn’t aggressive. When someone attacks us verbally, we do not attack them back. We exercise self-control. It means being humble, so being willing to do the annoying jobs. As well as humbling our hearts. It means serving, or being willing to serve. It is being submissive. It is also letting ourselves, our fame and selfish wants take a back seat to the glory of God.

Is this easy? No it is not. No one wants to be seen as weak, so to choose to act in a way that the world defines as weak goes against human nature, even human logic. True strength and true wisdom lies in being meek. Even though this isn’t a commonly accepted viewpoint, it is what we are commanded to do. So do not be afraid of being meek.

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