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When scrolling through your social feed, which posts do you loathe the most? The cringe-worthy selfie with the caption: “Heading to the bathroom! xx”? Maybe another long rant from the guy who once ranted about how ranting doesn’t help anyone? What about that gross selfie of Lucy and her boyfriend – “aw babes had the best ever night last night”? Perhaps it’s none of those, but the “Be Like Bill” memes that poke fun at all these people?

To be honest, the “Be Like Bill” memes are one of my favorite internet trends. When you scroll past one, it makes you think, “Is this true? Am I one of the people who share the “Christian” posts that at the end tell you to share or else Satan will take over your life? Should I be more like Bill?”.

The “Be Like Bill” memes have influenced social media in an incredible way. People are starting to be more considerate and slightly more thoughtful with what they post; when you’ve been called out by a “Be Like Bill’ meme, it’s pretty hard to forget!

Think about this for a second: What if there was a “Be Like Jesus” meme? What would it say?

Even though it’s a bit of a bizarre concept, Jesus is still watching us and what we do on social media. Just as in real life, we’re witnesses to the Christian faith. Just as when people look at us, when they look at our social media profile, they see you – a Christian.

Alright, so how can a “Be Like Jesus” meme call you out?

As Christians, we are called to:

“…love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind” (Matthew 22:37)
“…whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)
“…love because God first loved us” (1 John 4:19)

But how can we apply this to our life on social media?

We don’t need to post Bible verses every day to post the way Jesus would want us to. Just as talking in real life, the aim of all this is to be good witnesses. Every post we make public should radiate with what God has done for us. This isn’t hard to do…

Keeping the verses above in mind, we can create a checklist for our next post/comment/DM:

  •  Is this loving to the reader?
    God demonstrated his love towards us by dying on the cross. That’s the most love any being can possibly give to another! Feeling upset? Just wanna throw your annoyance out there? Well, think about it… is it going to make another person’s day? Or affect them negatively? Remember that in Philippians 2, Paul tells us to “be uncomplaining in everything”. This doesn’t mean “suck it up and keep going”, but is rather a reminder of what God has done for us to this point. Why complain when you have everything you need in Jesus?
  • Does it glorify God?
    Now that you’ve checked your post for potentially negative or hurtful content, and you’re just amped to hit that send button, stop to think why you’re doing it. How much of it is God’s doing? The incredible people God has put in your life? The opportunity God has given you? God’s working in your life to get you to this stage?
    How hard is a five-word mention of His involvement in whatever you’re doing? Let people know who’s responsible for your ultimate joy in life!

A couple more points I should mention are:

• Followers/likes count too. Your reputation needs to be consistent- if someone notices that you liked a certain type of post or followed a certain type of person, they might see you as a hypocrite.
• Don’t participate in theological arguments or discussions- it is very difficult to portray tone and emotion over text. Often these discussions evolve into anarchy, name calling, and sometimes nasty commenting.

To recap:
– Is your post loving to the reader?
– Does it glorify God?

How simple is that?

I hope this post has challenged you to think about the way you post on social media like “Be Like Jesus” meme might have. And if you have something in particular on your mind that you think you should probably improve, I encourage you to do what needs to be done to fix it. To make a change in your life for Him.

“Let my life be the proof,
The proof of Your love.
Let my love look like You
And what You’re made of
How you lived, how You died;
Love is sacrifice.
So let my life be the proof,
The proof of Your love.”

~ an excerpt from the song “The Proof of Your Love” by for King & Country.

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