An Open Letter from a Young Leader

If you were asked to give a summary of what God is going to do in your life over the next five years would you be able to do so?  It’s not possible for us to summarize even one aspect of our future life because God has a tendency of blowing our minds with the quality of His plans and how different they are from our own. So while I would love to tell you what you can expect from Reckless Abandon Ministries over the coming years, there is a lot that is contingent on how God leads us.

What Are We Doing?

Right now, we have been streamlining and coordinating the ministry to prepare for what’s next. We believe that we need to be stewards of the platform that we have been presented with and, as such, we are doing our best to use our gifts to that end. We are working with longevity and consistency in mind. We’re setting priorities such as creating a community within our team that fosters growth, a faithful walk and prioritizes Christ, and setting a high standard for content that goes out to you, our readers consistently. 

What Can You Expect? 

A steady and increasing flow of content first and foremost. We will begin running the ministry full time with a new team in the new year, but we will be doing our best to remain engaged on different platforms before that time. We are taking the time leading up to our relaunch to ensure that the quality of our content is up to the standards we want to hold to and can maintain moving forward.   

What Can You Do?

For now, the only thing I can ask for is your prayers. I would ask you as the leader of this ministry to pray for my own character and intentions as I lead the team during this transition and throughout my time in the ministry. I would also ask that you pray for the team, that I would be able to appropriately minister to them and show them the love of Christ. Pray for the leaders of the team that we would not unintentionally cause those we are leading burnout and that we would be able to serve them where needed. Finally, I ask that you pray for the ministry itself, that our content will be Christ-centred and an avenue that God can use for many to be reached.  

With Prayerful Optimism,

Brandon Hawkins

Director of Reckless Abandon Ministries 

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