Our admin team work hard behind the scenes for several hours each week ensuring that posts and book reviews are published on the site and various social media platforms on time. They are dedicated young women who understand that serving God sometimes takes a less public role but we want to honor them anyway.

Elri Voigt

Hey, everyone! Me again. Besides writing for this awesome blog, I am also an admin! Coffee, reading and writing are the best, just saying. I adore my crazy “tribe”. I currently reside in South Africa, in a picturesque town called Hilton. Some of my favorite songs are actually meant for kids. I consider myself to be blessed with more than I could ever deserve, and immensely grateful for every second that I have been given. Since this is not (regrettably) my autobiography, that’s all for now!




Krystal McPeters

Hi! My name is Krystal. I am a missionary kid living in the land of castles. (Yes, it’s true. I live in the country of Wales. A tiny country with lots of castles!) I am so blessed to be given this amazing opportunity to write with such an awesome group of people! I love reading, writing, and playing the piano. Looking forward to seeing how God will use these to glorify Him! My favourite Bible verse is Ephesians 3:20, as it tells us that God is able to do so much more in our lives than we can think or imagine; just reading this is so unbelievably reassuring to me! Well, dyna’rcyfan am nawr (that’s Welsh for, “That’s all for now”)!



Mary Beth Winton

Hey! My name is Mary Beth, I’m seventeen, and I live in Kansas. Yes, Kansas! Home of cows and the thrilling adventure of ruby slippers, tornadoes, lions, tigers, and bears… Oh My! I love music, elephants, ice cream, and most importantly my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that through all I do I will glorify the one who died on the cross for me, and I pray that as I live in this crazy thing called life; that I would pick up my cross and follow Him (Matthew 10:38).