Ministry with Reckless Abandon started in February of 2015 under the name The Heart of Teens. Our first team was assembled under this name with the goal of putting Biblically founded truth into the hands of our peers through our passion for the gospel, and our ability to write. That ministry stood as it was for two years, posting hundreds of articles by the team itself as well as guest authors.

In February of 2017, The Heart of Teens became Reckless Abandon Ministries. This accommodated the expansion of our ministry platforms and teams. The core values of the ministry remained the same, the ministry is for young people to fulfil their responsibility of reaching their generation for Christ. The team continued to grow for a while, yet as is the nature of a young person’s life, new responsibilities created a need to move on for most of the team. So as of October 1st 2019, the ministry was passed along to an almost entirely new team who desired to keep the ministry moving and carry on the message that The Heart of Teens had founded all those years ago.

Our new team consists of writers and leaders with an incredible passion to reach their own generation with the gospel and to teach the next generation how to do the same thing. We have been unendingly privileged to see the work God has been doing through this ministry so far, and equally excited to see what He’s going to do next. We would love for you to be able to have apart in that and would love for you to reach out and get involved!