Precious Life, an Introduction

I logged on to Facebook today and was soon nearly brought to tears.

On the right side of my screen, there was a little bar that says “Trending.” Here are the top few ones that met my eyes:

Attack in London being treated as terrorist activity until verified otherwise.

White man turns himself in after attacking black man in Manhattan.

15-year-old girl raped on Facebook Live in Chicago.

North Korea conducts failed missile launch.

AT&T Suspends YouTube ads over hate-speech videos.

This month we are talking about the preciousness of life. There are many things that God loves, but to Him, the life of a human is one of the most precious things to Him. The horrible things that we see all over social media and the news show that the world does not care about human life. Abortion, suicide, poverty, sexual slavery—these things are all so prevalent in our society. Life is no longer valued and cherished as God intended. This may very well be one of the biggest problems in our society today.

This is one of the saddest things to me. As I held my precious baby sister a few minutes ago, I thought about this topic and how important it is. The thing is, many people are talking about the importance of being pro-life, but we often neglect the life around us. The girl who cries every day in the bathroom. The elderly lady who smiles at you every day as you jog past her house on your morning run. The exhausted mother in the cereal aisle who can’t seem to get her act together. The man by the side of the road huddled in a ragged coat. Life is so precious—ALL of life is precious. Not just the homeless, not just the un-born baby—ALL of it.

Over this month of April 2017, we will be talking about the preciousness of life. We will be making our best effort to see life how God sees it. We will be covering the topics of abortion and suicide along with some other topics pertaining to the preciousness of life, and we encourage you to stay along with us for the whole ride.

God values life incredibly. It’s about time we did the same.

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